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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dessert.... PLEASE!!!!

          Whenever I go to a restaurant, I ALWAYS ask for the dessert first! It may seem a bit peculiar to my server, wanting my dessert before I actually enjoy my meal, but life is way too difficult for us to enjoy the "best for last". I have an enormous sweet tooth & I think that we should savor each "tasty bite" just as we do life:  slowly and with excitement! Seeing the different desserts arranged already on the dessert carts (like the one's in the "higher" quality restaurants) only makes me want to enjoy them more! Some people do however opt to not eat desserts, either for health reasons or for their own "weight" issues, but it's the "over-indulging" that can/will make you obese. Just like anything in life, we must choose desserts IN MODERATION! Now, for those of you who do not eat desserts, well, I haven't really found anyone who doesn't, but I know that some people don't because maybe they grew up in a household where they couldn't enjoy them as a child. Perhaps they can find their "guilty pleasures" in other ways, but for me I like to see the dessert menu first. Being a "health-nut" doesn't mean that you have to give up anything either. there are some incredible recipes you can find that are low in fat, carbohydrates, sugar and cholesterol. We don't have to omit what we eat, just choose smaller portions. You don't have to give me the whole "spiel" about what's the featured fish this evening or how your restaurant has fresh Kobe beef flown in from Japan... Okay, I get it. We as human beings continuously find ways to "avoid" the sugars and sweets and this "trend" is continuing in  more "health conscious" minds in America. I have a friend who recently visited Europe & they came back with wonderful culinary stories of how much they not only ate, but how they were able to savor and enjoy their food. Desserts should be an "EXPERIENCE" not an option. I don't feel obligated to eat the entree', only the dessert. When you travel, as much as I do and experience the many culture through the world of cuisine, you will realize that eating is not something that you do to survive, but it should be a pleasurable experience to enjoy each "Tasty Bite".