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Sunday, February 3, 2013

What's That In The Air???? LOVE!!!!!

                    Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Love is in the air and so are gifts of chocolate covered strawberries, truffles, breakfast in bed (or dinner) and lots of holiday treats. I enjoy all of the reds and pink decorations, but getting that Valentine from the one that loves you all year long is my favorite! My gift this year will be homemade. Not because we can't afford it, but I love to cook, so, let's utilize it. I'll make an awesome breakfast, but getting the kids involved this year will be a lot easier than what it has been in previous years because the kids can reach the stove and we can make awesome treats!! Children get the chance to share their handmade cards with us, so, I take pride in showing them how to make some tasty treats to share with their friends at school. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about roses and heart-shaped balloons in my family we do other things besides the "traditional" celebration. 

           Getting prepared for the most "coupled-day" of the year can be either stressful or exciting because you don't have a mate or you are trying to do a lot for them. It's all about showing the love and not about what or how many gifts you've received. Those gifts are not the reason to celebrate and I am grateful to have such love in my life for the past 6 yrs. This Valentine's Day my gift to you is the gift of unconditional "friendship-love". I want my friends who share Tasty Bites and those who do not share it to have wonderful love within and surrounding them always. And as always enjoy your love, family, friends, and Valentine's goodies with our friends here at Tasty Bites!!! =)


P.S.- Below is a helpful link to guide you in the right direction for gift buying this Valentine's Day season!!! :)