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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good Tidings & Happy Holidays!!!

        Happy Holidays 'Biters'!!! =) It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!! Lots of lights glowing, children excited about the upcoming holidays, Secret Santa, & PARTIES!!! This time of year we are gathering our families & taking extra special care of others that aren't "family", it's what this time of year does to your spirit! Whether you've already celebrated the holiday or getting prepared you can be sure that any guests will be wowed at a dining table with a presentation setup such as the one above. This one to me looks 'winter white', but my table is actually white with gold accents & lots of candles. However you decorate it, make sure your have lots of hors d'evourers, cocktails, and most importantly friends & family to share your holiday with. 

         This holiday season has had a lot of differences this year than I've seen in the past. First of all, the weather has not made me feel like its beginning to 'look a lot like Christmas'.. I mean, I live in Georgia, not a lot of 'white Christmases", but I would like a little chilly weather, so, I can bundle up & perhaps go ice skating with some friends. Second, is it me or did Thanksgiving just happen like two days ago & now we're into the December holidays?!?! I mean, 2013 really flew by me this time. Now, we're donning our trees with garland, hanging stockings by the fireplace, and going to "ugly sweater" parties. (Yes, it's a real party =) ). This holiday will be a great one for me! We're doing a lot of "non-traditional" things this year like not buying gifts (we've chosen to make them on our own and write each member of the family a "love" letter) Also, I will make Christmas lunch instead of Christmas breakfast. I think having a nice lunch with everyone will be a a holiday remix that the children won't expect. Keep everyone around you happy this joyous season & definitely keep them safe. There can be a lot of hazardous accidents that can occur around this time of year, so, let's be cautious & careful. Don't forget to check on your elderly parents/grands. They are the ones that are being targeted the most by the swindlers/thieves/credit card scammers. Be safe, have lots of fun, &  

-Chef Tara L. Browning

P.S.- Listed below is a link provided to make things a lot 'safer' during the holidays!! Thanks via Los Angeles Police Dept.!! =)