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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sizzlin' & Grillin'


       It's Summertime and the BEST way to enjoy your "tasty bites" are grilling and chilling by the pool. I LOVE the summer. My birthday's in the summer, perfect timing for that bikini we've been desperately trying to lose weight for, and of course to GRILL. It seems like everything taste a lot better when it has that slight char flavor and that awesomely-smoky goodness. We've all heard the debates on what's better: charcoal or gas, hickory, mesquite, or applewood, and even the sauce battle, whether if it's sweet and savory or tangy and spicy. I love 'em all. I'm the "grillmaster" in my house and I love charcoal with a blend of mesquite and applewood chips if I'm smoking my meats. That mesquite wood gives it that wonderful classic BBQ taste, but adding those applewood chips gives it another flavorful layer that's indescribably delicious.  I try to make sure that my grill is at the perfect temperature before I add my meats and fruits. Yes, I said fruits!! Have you ever had a grilled banana split or even some grilled pineapple with a rum sauce? It's amazing!! I could give out tips to grill the perfect steak, chicken, and burgers or you can get out there, find you some charcoal bricks and get out there!! :)

Here's some helpful tools you can use for your next Bar-B-Que: