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Sunday, June 22, 2014

May I Bring You A Napkin?

The art of napkin folding has only been held true to either fancy restaurants or royalty. Today napkin folding can be seen at banquets, weddings, and any other occasion that enhances the table settings and easily impress any guest. Napkin folding dates back as early as Louis XIV of France.

Typically, you would use a clean, starched,
linen and proceed to fold. Certain patterns I
found to be a bit challenging with the starch,
so, I choose to omit the starch on those folds.
I like to fold my napkins for my dinner parties
and certain holidays if my napkins accommodate
the table settings.

Sometimes a well-folded napkin can uniquely and elegantly enhance a table's appearance, just by a few folds. There are plenty of easy designs that help you become a more experienced 'napkin folder'. A few creative folds are the fleur-de-lis, rose, bird of paradise, the crown, the standing fold, so many more to choose from. 
 Instead of just placing napkins in a pile off to the side, or simply placed on the plate, you could also incorporate a napkin ring or a cute tie to the napkin for the same decorative effect as folding. Try using twine, sparkly ribbon, or any other inventive tie that you can find. I like to have the kids make me things to help get them involved in setting the table, not only to teach them how to properly set a table, but to also help gear up their creative juices to get them to think of different ways to help you create the best table. Doesn't matter if it's an arrangement of flowers or a simple tie fold, folding your napkins for your table produces amazing results and appreciative comments from your guests. I've placed a website below to give you a few ideas for your next gathering... Enjoy each & every Tasty Bite!!!! :) 

-Chef Tara L. Browning