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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Something's Baking.... Perhaps It's BREAD!!!


       I know that as a chef, people wonder how is it that I eat so much and I only weigh about 110 lbs. I actually think it's because of the different breads that I eat. Sounds strange, but eating bread is a good way to help boost your metabolism as well as regain your "loss of energy". Doesn't really matter what type of bread it is, but I know that in recent years, bread (and its' counterparts) have been getting a bad reputation lately. The whole "carbohydrates scare" makes people deter from eating bread nowadays. I love accenting a meal with a piece of bread, whether it's a garlic and herb crouton or just a piece of pumpernickel, bread "rounds" out any meal. Yeah you can have your meat and potatoes, but if you don't have a soft and chewy bagel or a buttered piece  of wheat toast, then, your breakfast meal wouldn't be complete. A lot of baked good have bread backgrounds such as cinnamon rolls, cakes, and those wonderful baklava triangle that I get from this Greek restaurant I frequent here in Atlanta. Mmmmm hmmmmm, I can smell that sweet, orange, honey drizzle that they put over it as soon as I walk in the door, it's amazing!!  The many different breads with the crusty, crunchy crust, but with the soft, warm, inside it's pure heaven to me. Something about baking fresh bread brings me back to a nostalgic place in time when everything just stands still. Garlic bread, pumpernickel, rye, wheat, whole grain, heck, even multi-grain bread can round out your meal and make your meal a more pleasurable experience. I love bread, bagels, rolls, biscuits, and everything that's considered a baked good!!! Eat, love, and be BREAD-Y!!!!!!!!