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Friday, November 18, 2011


    Experiencing cuisine is for all the senses. You first "taste" the food with the way it smells, followed by the way it looks, then, the way it tastes. It's amazing with the many creative and innovative ways one can present food, but to completely fulfill your taste buds, you must have excellent presentation in regards to food. The way you present your food, tells a lot about the person who created it. When chefs, and other culinary lovers-alike take time to perfect the way they present their food, it adding that extra touch of love to your dish. Guests appreciate the effort that the chef puts in when creating such culinary masterpieces. From the sauce to the plating, presentation captures every essence of the dish. Guests wish to enjoy their food presented to them in the right atmosphere, on exquisite china, brought by an attentive server, and savor it from beginning 'til the last "Tasty Bite". 

-Chef Tara Browning   

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