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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'll Take That Fried Please!!!

The myth that fried foods are the most unhealthy has definitely taken a toll over how Americans eat. When you fry food, it doesn't mean that you're infusing the food with the fat that you fry it in, but you're actually sealing in the juices and creating that crispy, crunchy outside that you see when you fry. You have the same results when you "oven fry", the process just takes longer. Fried foods has gotten a lot of "slack" over the years because of all the fat you use, but because people want someone or something to blame for the rapidly growing rate of obesity fried food was a good target. In my "professional" opinion, it doesn't matter what you eat, it's how much of it you consume. I eat fried foods, yes, in moderation, but I have the will-power to do so. If you have a weakness for something, gradually reduce it until you feel you're strong enough to withhold from that item as much as possible. "I'll eat anything fried", is a comment that I hear the most. A lot of things actually taste better fried and many items are best prepared that way. Although it is not the only way, frying foods takes half the time as broiling and a third of the time as grilling. The option of having your food fried as opposed to having it baked or any other preparation is an option for a "cheat day" or if you've had something prepared in any other fashion. For health purposes, it wouldn't be advisable to eat fried food for every part of your meal, everyday, but definitely enjoy yourself. Whenever I bite into a crispy egg roll or savor a sweet doughnut, I realize that from a salty potato chip to a sweet, cinnamon-y crunch of a churro, having something fried is a great comfort food. We all take comfort in fried chicken or chicken fried steak smothered with gravy, but as healthy, responsible adults, we must set an example for our children. Nowadays, our children are eating all fried foods, drinking sodas, not working out and we're are contributing to them becoming diabetic or have high cholesterol before the turn 18. It all starts at home and because we are in charge, we must set the "HEALTHY" example...whether if it's grilled, sauteed, broiled, blackened, or steamed make that choice (every now and then):FRIED!!!!!! And as always, enjoy your TASTY BITES!!  =)

-Chef Tara Browning 

P.S.- Here's a link provided below to ensure that HOW you fry is also a contributing factor, rather than WHAT you fry...

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