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Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Tip... Or Not To Tip....

The "age old" question: "When is it an appropriate time to tip or to not leave a tip?" I've had a few friends ask me this question in recent times, so, I felt compelled to add my take on this topic. I feel like if someone is "servicing" you, tip, if you are doing everything and no one else has provided you with a service, don't. I am a 20%-25% tipper and I feel like that number can either go up or down, depending on the service. I do not tip below 15%, I realize that people have families and bills, so I generally tip within that range. Most of the time, you tip based on the service that has been provided to you & your guests. If you have more than one guest, I would say about $5-$7 per person at the table if you are a party. Depending on how much you spend/spent, add the first two numbers, then, double it for a 20% tip. (i.e. If your check is $75, you would take $7.50+$7.50=$15 tip on a $75 check.) Certain restaurants that have really good food, I want to tip the Chef or if the Maitre D' if he or she had an amazingly positive attitude, I may slide them a few dollars as well. We all know to tip the Valet & your "Carry-Out" specialist. I've had several arguments about tipping the carry-out person. You call in an order & you drive to the destination to pick it up. The carry-out person then checks the order to make sure it's made to your specifications, gives you the proper condiments and silverware, then, you drive off. I've had friends say that this act of "service" does not require a tip. I do. In the service industry, there's the "stereotypes" that coincide with how much you may get. Elderly, foreigners, Jewish, Black Americans and poor White Americans are typically your prime suspects. Not that any of this is true, just certain "stereotypes" against certain age groups or races have resonated within the industry, that certain service industry employees tend  to think that these things are true. Being conscious & aware that people have bills and responsibilities will open your heart (and maybe your wallet a little more) to the people that are servicing you. No, these people are not our slaves, minions, nor our peons, they are in the field to make our lives better and to accommodate us with our "Tasty Bites". 

Love, Live, & Laugh!!

Below I have provided a link with some of the worst Celebrity Tippers Via  Sun Magazine.... This should be interesting!! 

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