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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year... A New YOU!!!!

          Out with the old and in with the NEW!!! Happy 2013 everyone and WELCOME BACK to a new beginning here at Tasty Bites!! We'll have a lot of amazing topics, ingredients, to cover, and this year we're adding restaurants and bistro reviews to our repertoire. Starting this new  year is a bit different. We are NOT making "resolutions" to do different things, instead, we've made decisions to be a "BETTER ME". 

        Family, friends, and loved ones can appreciate those that keep their word on doing better, working out, or deciding to make more positive choices in their lives, but they won't tolerate those that tell repetitive lies about not smoking or drinking alcohol after the new year. Let's just take this year one day at a time. No pressure. Just work towards being a better you everyday and then you'll realize that it's Christmas all over again & all you've been doing all year long is being a sweetheart!! :)

       Being a better "ME" this year, I plan on spending more time for loved ones and family, having more family dinners, and making more healthier food choices regarding my snack choices. Notice how I didn't say anything about going to the gym (that I won't visit) or go on a diet (that I won't stick to). K.I.S.S. method this year: Keep It Simple Stupid!! :) This is a new year, let's make it a great year for you and your family!! Let's get started on creating a new you in the new year!!! :) 

HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE!!!!! :)

 P.S.- Thanks for being there with me for 2012, 2013 will be AMAZING!!!!!   

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