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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Critiquing the "Food Critics" Role in the Restaurant Industry


      As a "new comer" in the restaurant critiquing industry, I've read several critiques about new restaurants, existing restaurants, bakeries, and many other food venues and I've come to realize that most of the food critiques aren't "CRITIQUING" the food. They speak about the ambiance or whether or not if the server was friendly enough, etc. When I read a description about one particular item on a menu, I am suppose to know what it's going to taste like BEFORE it hits my palate. I should know what it's going to smell like BEFORE I enter the restaurant not if the air conditioning system was too cold or the music was too loud. I am only there for the FOOD. I am not bashing the critiques out there for getting paid to speak about the decorations or the "busy" clutter that hangs on the restaurant walls, I would however, like to know from appetizer to dessert and after dinner drinks what am I to expect from that establishment. How can words describe a meal from beginning to end and make the FOOD shine? I want to know how the oysters were shucked fresh and presented to you on a bed of rock salt, accompanied by a wedge of lemon, an oyster fork and a garlic sherry reduction. I could care less about the decor. Critiquing food, just like composing the many dishes of the world, requires a love and passion for food as well as a finesse with words. If you are not passionate about food, then, you cannot verbally sell me something before I have even visited the location. I will post a blog in the near future regarding my dining experience. From the time that it takes for me to be seated at a table until the time I pay my bill, you will have dined with me at that location. Yes, I will have minimal description about the ambiance, but the food will be the STAR. I will describe every item I experienced, so, when and if you do decide to visit the location in which I describe, you will have general knowledge and be able to navigate the menu in a way that will make the staff feel as if you've visited their establishment previously. When I post this upcoming blog, describing the restaurant, I am SUPPOSE to verbally sell you their menu without physically taking you down to the location myself. Our roles should be "breaking:" new trends in the culinary industry. Just like how a DJ breaks a new artist(s), we as Food Critiques should carve a path for bright, young, professionals, as well as the new "trends" within the industry. In the end, the food is the star, otherwise, there is no reason to go to a restaurant, so, let's make the industry of "Food Critiques" the way that it should be: CRITIQUING FOOD.

-Chef Tara Browning
P.S.- A few "guidelines" to follow if you ever lose your path of critiquing food..ENJOY ALL TASTY BITES!

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