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Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Service & Expectations

     Having worked ALL over the restaurant, I find it assuring to know that there are some people who actually believe in GUEST(S) SATISFACTION. It's one thing to be a robot, but it's another to have exceptional "host/hosting" skills in regards to servicing guests. I enjoy dining wherever and receiving absolutely fabulous service that not only allows me to remember my experience, but that person who's made such an impact on my dining experience. The saying goes: "Those who can teach & those that can't..." Well, we all know how it ends, but there are some people out in this world that actually make their career as a "Professional Server" and it shows in the way they treat guests. I remembered dining at a particular location recently (who's name at this time I will leave anonymous), and while the food was mediocre, the service was phenomenal! Not that the server was in my face every five minutes, harassing my colleague as we discussed business, but they made their presence known in a more subtle way without over-doing it. I remember being serviced and taken care of WITHOUT asking for anything. My guest and I noticed as the young lady removed dirty dishes away, she hurriedly refilled all beverages, as well as making sure she paced our meal for our contentment, and ensuring our satisfaction when our entrees arrived. She didn't hang around with the other waitstaff, and if she did, we didn't see her. She didn't disappear on us, nor was she in our faces every five seconds after she dropped the check, she did try to "suggest/ up sell" a few items, and offer us desserts along with after dinner drinks. I enjoyed the fact that she was there to do a job, which was serve/service her guests and we as guests were to revel in our dining experience. In conclusion, I don't feel as if there's a "shortage" of good servers, I think that people have different versions of what providing excellent service has come to be and where it is going. You don't have to go to a "fancy" restaurant in order to receive quality service. It's all in who's happy with their chosen path of making sure guests have a wonderful dining experience, so, they can guarantee their return. Not only to that establishment, but back to that "special place" to where people young and old and from all walks of life can gather together around a table to acquire all the love, passion, and "soul" out of savouring all "Tasty Bites".

P.S.A.- Great servers are "givers" of the Earth that want to take care of others and understand that doting on others is a unique way to envision their lives of "giving back" to those surrounding them.
-Chef Tara L.Browning

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