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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dine In... Or Carry-Out

        Everyone loves to eat and in this multifaceted, diverse society, we have so many options to choose from. Preparing a meal yourself is a great skill to have and to hone as a human being. We all must eat, but when you allow others to do it for you, they are providing a service to you. When you choose to have the experience of going out to eat, you must make sure the restaurant is what you and your party want to eat. I've worked in many restaurants and have witnessed this on several occasions where the guests either doesn't know what the restaurant serves or what they want to eat. Make sure that when you make that reservation, you've done your research on the restaurant before arrival. Getting directions sent to your phone, checking the menu selections, the price of the menu, wine and alcoholic beverage selection, and even choose where you want to sit when you arrive (in most restaurants).

         After you've chosen to make the reservations and decide what you want, enjoy the ambiance, the food, but most  importantly your guest(s). Some people have a reputation only going out to eat to expect the worse. If you are one of those people: Go to jeer, but stay to cheer. The worse thing you can do is make the effort to go out to eat and judge the server on something the bartender forgot to add in your cocktail, or that the chef over-cooked your filet when you wanted it medium, it came out well-done. These things are not the end of the world, nor should you take it out on those that choose to serve you. People of all walks of life do a lot of preparation prior to and upon your arrival in a restaurant and giving a person a difficult time when they are attempting to make your dining experience an amazing one makes you out to be the "bad diner". Rule of thumb: ALWAYS TIP! People work very hard to provide you with excellent service, food, drinks, and atmosphere to create your dining experience to be an amazing one and with the approaching holiday, (Valentine's Day) your guest is the star of the evening, but the great food, amazing atmosphere, wonderfully crafted cocktails, and stellar service only accentuates your evening.


         Whenever you receive take out, remember: ALWAYS TIP! A lot of people in the past have debated me in regards to whether or not if they should tip-out the person that prepared a to-go order for them. My answer is and always will be TO TIP. They made sure that your food was properly made, all the necessary condiments and modifications had been adjusted to fit what you requested and they did it in a timely manner while smiling and providing you with excellent, but quick service. Even if the person comes to your door and hands you something, their tip is not included in whatever purchase you made. I know that service industry and guests hospitality employees do not feel as though a lot of people appreciate what they do to ensure that their requests are met. Sometimes it takes a lot to get your order right and to make sure they don't forget anything in your carry out. It's more daunting because you don't want to drive all the way back to a restaurant because you have no plastic ware to eat with. People want to make sure you have everything you need, even if you are not dining in the building, the employees want you to sit in your car, open your box and have your quiet moment while enjoying what your specific order was with everything you need.

          If you dine in the restaurant, order online, go inside the restaurant and get it as a take out order, or have someone deliver your food to your door, if you do not prepare the food yourself within the confines of your own home, then ALWAYS TIP THE ONES THAT SERVE YOU! When we choose to have their products for our dining needs, we are expecting people to provide us with that service to execute that product. It's simply supply and demand. You as a consumer want a product that as a restaurant provides and hire employees to execute those requests and ensure that the quality of that product is set to your liking and satisfaction. Take out, Delivery, or Dine In, enjoy every last Tasty Bite!! :)

-Chef Tara L. Browning 

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