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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sleeping IS Beauty!!!

          We've all heard it before: Early to bed, early to rise! I didn't understand that sleep was a "vitamin" that our bodies desperately needed, but sleep is the best cure for your tired body. Everyone at some point has to have sleep or your body can and will shut down on you. There are a lot of health deficiencies that can occur if you do not obtain your recommended eight hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation has risen 8.3% in the last ten years and it may continue to rise due to such high demands that our careers bring. On an average, adult Americans are told to get between 6-8 hours per night, children between the ages of 4-12 need approximately 10 hours of sleep per night, newborn babies require 16 hours of sleep, and elderly only need 6 hours. I don't believe my grandmother knows this because she sleeps like a newborn... 

         Health benefits to getting a good night's rest besides being well-rested will make you more productive during the work day, more alert, helps you with your digestive system, and enables you to make better decisions with your diet. If you've ever noticed you make bad eating decisions when you're tired. You pick up the high fat, MSG loaded foods rather than smarter choices than you'd normally make. Your body replenishes itself with healthy hormones and skin and hair cells rejuvenate also during your sleep. Sleep deprivation on the other hand have some very serious consequences to you and to others around you, depending on the situation. Some studies have shown that people who were severely parasomnia committed such crimes like sleep driving, writing bad checks, child molesting, rape, even murder. Studies have also shown that you would die of sleep deprivation before you would die of starvation. It takes two weeks to die without food, but it only takes 10 days for sleep deprivation.

       The way you sleep also determines your personality traits. Certain studies have
shown that people who sleep in the fetal position have a hard exterior and appear to be shy, but they warm up quickly. Those that sleep on their side, but have their arms extended out in front known as the "yearner" position are said to be open-minded, yet suspicious. Sleeping on your side with your arms to your side or the log position are easy-trusting and are almost gullible. The solider position with you lying on your back and arms to your side, these people are said to be more quiet-tempered  and easy going. Lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow or off to the side is known as the starfish position. These people are outgoing and brash, but they hate criticism. Last but not least, the starfish position on your back with your arms up near your head, these people were good-listeners and helpful, but uncomfortable at being the center of attention. Knowing how to sleep and creating environments around you that ensures you to a good night's rest can give you a better sleep. 

       There are a lot of ways to obtain a great beauty sleep, I mean, sleeping does make you look refreshed, well-rested, and youthful. But taking the time out to make sure that you have the proper temperature, enough time for your body to properly rejuvenate itself, and the right mattress can be great factors in benefiting you for getting the good sleep that is needed. 

Sleep well and enjoy every Tasty Bite that comes your way!!!! :)

-Chef Tara L. Browning 

P.S.- Listed below is a website that gives great tips to get a good night sleep!! Enjoy!!                                                                                                             

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